We are quite familiar with the fact that manuals are produced to help new users get the best out anything. In relation to many other things, manuals have become necessities. However, we seem not to be mindful of the need and necessity for the production of manuals on how to live and how to go about the quest to succeed.

The goal of this platform is to produce content that will serve a manual for attaining good life and and achieve better living. We therefore seek to compile the very best of knowledge that is based on proven research and experiences of others.

This is therefore to invite writers that consider themselves quite thoughtful. We seek those that have considered life’s challenges and have creatively thought of practical solutions, such as would influence and guide others in the quest to do better. We seek life coaches in the following areas:

  1. Business, Carrers and Entrepreneurship
  2. Education and Life-long learning
  3. Family and Interpersonal Relations
  4. Health and Wellness

These broad areas are interpreted with the greatest latitude. Writers are at liberty to suggest more categories in relation to the spans anticipated herein


While, it would be desirable to have advanced academic qualifications, such as tertiary degrees, it is quite obvious that beneficial experiences are matters of personal immersion and exposure to circumstances that teaches the lessons of life. We therefore welcome anyone that can communicate to the understanding of the potential visitors to our website.



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